About Us



It’s the vision of the business's management crew to uphold Centamin Services Inc. status as your number one partner:

Offering superior onshore drilling and project supervision services

Delivering steady profits to its customers, project shareholders and stakeholders

Maintaining a conducive working environment for all Centamin Services Inc. local communities, contractors and employees

Centamin Services Inc. Expertise includes:

  • Remote drilling operations
  • Provision of well-suited drilling equipment and team
  • Working to a high level of safety and performance
  • Well maintenance


Centamin Services Inc. business strategy is simple. To provide its customers with high-quality products and equipment, affordable services, operational efficiency and well-suited applications of technological improvements.

Executing this plan, the company focuses on:

  • Upholding a good reputation in onshore drilling and oilfield services
  • Offering the best solutions to all project stakeholders and customers
  • Keeping a strong balance sheet by putting into effect financial discipline
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of operations
  • Improving the impact that operational activities have on the socio-economic wellbeing of countries and communities in which it services